Hi! My name is Lena Pointner.

After studying graphic design and linguistics in Vienna and Cologne, I worked as a research associate until early 2022.

Since then, I have become a freelance illustrator, combining my two passions:
art and linguistics.

I make illustrations for:

• Stimulus and Elicitation Materials
• Children’s Books
• Book Covers
• Pictograms, Logos and Icons
• Language Learning Materials
• Visualization for Science Communication
• Dictionary Illustrations
• Maps
• …

Some previous projects:

Carrying Verbs Stimuli

A series of 44 illustrations for the
elicitation of different carrying verbs

made for the Out of Papua project
at the VU Amsterdam in 2022

Qaqet Song- and Storybook

A children’s book for the speakers of the Qaqet language (Papua New Guinea)

made as a part of the Qaqet child language project at the University of Cologne in 2022

Pictured below: Children from Raunsepna reading their picture book for the first time

I’d love to hear from you!